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2016 VH AWARD Presentation of Winners
Updated on 2016.05.13 Attach

Hyundai Motor Group University held 2016 VH Award presentation of winners in 21th of January, 2016. Three finalists(JE BAAK-the first Place, Sungjae Lee, Sukjoon Jang) offered fabrication fee and the opportunity to exhibit proposed VH Award work on media wall of Vision Hall.


VH Award will contribute to the growth of current Korean media art through a revolutionary plat, featuring Korea's exeptional new media talent to the international art scene.


* Vision hall, in HMG University Mabuk Campus, is championed as Aisa's greatest state-of-theart media gallery facility. Currently screened on Vision Hall's media wall are works by Korean artist Do-Ho Suh and British studio, Universal Everything.

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