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A cradle for topnotch technicians from around the world

The Cheonan Training Center of Hyundai Motor Group University is a cradle the produces topnotch service providers and technicians to work in Korea and abroad. Not only does it provide detailed courses on new models, diagnostics, special technologies, and intro-level auto technology, but it also provides assistance in training service technicians all around the world by providing qualified instructors and textbooks. The Center also produces and distributes original digital contents through its own studio to help technicians worldwide to learn on their own. In addition, it provides training opportunities and textbooks for members of exemplary training organizations.
The Cheonan Training Center will continue to do its best to strengthen the skills and knowledge of all Hyundai Motor Group technicians around the world, including those hired Hyundai-Kia in addition to those hired by its contractors.

Location : 137 Yugwansungil, Byeongcheon-myeon,  Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea / 407-7 Yongdu-ri, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea Features:  :  Training Center,  dormitory ,  auditorium , additional Facilities Commercial Vehicle Lab Training Center Commercial Vehicle Lab Dormitory Location

Training Center

The Cheonan Training Center includes the Grand Auditorium seating 80 people, the Medium Lecture Room seating 50 people, and a host of smaller lecture rooms, seminar rooms, and computer labs. Each of these rooms is equipped with the latest-technology audiovisual systems including a beam projector. The Residence also offers a cozy environment complete with all the necessary amenities to enable guests to enjoy their training in comfort.

Practice Building

The Practice Building unit of the Cheonan Training Center includes the Global Training Center, the General Practice room, the Engine Practice room, the Electric-Electronic Practice room, the New Model Practice room, the Commercial Vehicle Practice Room, and lecture rooms, providing a pleasant and convenient learning environment in which participants can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Global training center is found at the first floor of passenger vehicle practic building. It consists of two general classrooms and a practic room for a new model practice. Participants of Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors from all over the world are exposed to high quality skill practices and brand new knowledge to enhance the level of their technical services.


The Practice building also contains the Cheonan Training Center’s own studio, which consists of a programming room, an editing room, and an open studio, to produce a wide range of automobile-related digital contents.


Accommodating up to 200 overnight guests in total, the dormitory at the Cheonan Campus provides rooms for trainees and instructors’ overnight stays, as well as various activities and meetings. Offering blow dryers, TV sets, refrigerators, Internet cables, and other amenities in all the rooms, the Residence ensures pleasant, comfortable overnight stay experiences for all its guests.

The residence allows guests to reinvigorate themselves after hard days of training, by providing them with a gym, a billiard room, an indoor sports arena, a common laundry room, a snack bar, and other necessary amenities. In addition, we regularly provide yoga classes and show movies at the culture lounge.

Additional Facilities

Cheonan Training Center is equipped with variety of additional facilities for the well-being of participants. During night time after the class, people usually participate in a ping-pong game or play billiards with their friends. The basket ball and volleyball courtsㆍare inside the large gymnasium as to provide consistent playing experience regardless of weather condition. Personal weight training or taking a Yoga class would beㆍa special experience while staying at the center. For a large team sports like soccerㆍ There is also a largeㆍathletic fieldㆍoutside.


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