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To be globally competitive and prepare for future business

Welcome to Hyundai Motor Group University

Thanks to its ceaseless efforts to innovate and improve its products and services for all customers worldwide, Hyundai Motor Group has become a leading global automobile manufacturer. Faced with the current changes and shifts in the international business environment, the Group continues to rise to new challenges and carry out various innovative projects. At Hyundai Motor Group, we are deeply aware of the importance of developing and encouraging bold, talented people in order to prepare for the uncertainties in the future market and ensure our continued growth. In order to strengthen customer satisfaction, we always rise to new challenges. We maximize our efficiency and effectiveness by sharing a deep sense of community and solidarity. We develop the competencies of all our employees by providing them an environment to realize their full potential. We respect diversity of different cultures and their traditions.

Lastly, we pride ourselves most for making Hyundai Motor Group an active corporate citizen of the global community. Hyundai Motor Group University provides diverse, systematic learning and development programs and consulting services that revolve around the five core values of the Group: Customer, Challenge, Collaboration, People and Globality. With our vision as the best of the best HRD, Hyundai Motor Group University will continue to lead the future growth. Seong Kwon Han
President & Chief Learning Officer


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