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Leadership development is the continuing process of supporting leaders to carry out the current role successfully and prepare future role in advance by means of work, relationship building, and training with long-term perspectives.

Induction Program
Induction program is for successful transition to a new leader position with clear understanding of the leader’s role and priorities. The program supports the transition process of first 100 days after inauguration. New team leader course, new executive course and new division leader course are examples of induction program.
Talent Program
Talent program is provided for selected talents who have to prepare the next level leadership position with necessary skills and knowledge.
Global ONE Forum
Global ONE Forum is an annual gathering of Hyundai Motor Group’s executives from all of the world to take initiative in creating synergy among organizations through active communication and collaboration. With globally distinguished scholars in global management strategy, The Group's executives share ideas and opinions regarding global business issues as well as the roles of management in achieving marketing, innovation, globalization and localization strategy.
HMG Prime
HMG Prime is a premium knowledge and exclusive content service for the Group’s leaders. We are trying to provide them highly condensed but exclusively premium content in areas such as up-to-date management issues, current management keywords, industry trends, leadership, and liberal arts with the form of short video clips. Recently we started to provide infographics to help the leaders to grasp the key ideas of globally renowned business articles and latest business books.

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