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Global epicenter of future leaders and place for sharing core values

Hyundai Motor Group University is the headquarters of all HRD organizations in the group. The university leads all HRD activities by establishing corporate-wide HRD roadmap focused on Hyundai-Kia Motors. Mabuk Campus is in the center of these initiatives and aims to be a performance center, global HRD hub, and corporate culture channel. Mabuk Campus, as the place to share values and foster future leaders, carries out leadership program, core value program, new employees orientation, on-boarding program, InnoBiz School, new challenge program, global professional & leader program, regional expert program and expatriate program.
It has Vision Hall with a huge media wall showing our aspiration and vision in its video art. It also has total of 36 classrooms including the auditorium, the forum hall, the seminar room and the large, mid and small sized classrooms. For accommodation, the dormitory provides 287 rooms. Mabuk Campus is located in Mabuk-dong, Yongin-si which is about thirty minutes away from Seoul.

Three 2013 reddot design award for Vision Hall

Located on the first floor of the Learning Center, the Vision Hall embodies the dreams and pride of Hyundai Motor Group members. Launched at the same time as the Mabuk Campus opening in 2012, the Vision Hall is defined by its oversized media wall (25m in width, 3.9m in height), which displays interactive video art of Hyundai Motor Group. It also displays an artistic work showing the Group's corporate philosophy and documentary film on the birth and evolution of the company.

In 2013, ‘Vision Hall’ - a symbolic communication space equipped with a large video wall - was chosen as the winner in the ‘Event Design’ category, while two media works projected on the wall, ‘Who Am We?’ and ‘Mobius Loop,’ were named ‘Best of the Best’ in the categories of ‘TV, Film, Animation’ and ‘Corporate Films,’ respectively. The Vision Hall will continue to serve as a core media archive of Hyundai Motor Group.

Area:873㎡, Size of wall 25*3.9m


Hyundai Motor Group believes people are the most important assets of the company. Why WHO AM WE, not WHO ARE WE? It is to emphasize both the individual's vision and the Group's one identity. Designed by Do-ho Seo, a world-renowned artist who participated as a representative in the Venice Biennale in 2001, WHO AM WE is the art piece which puts together each individual in a single screen.
About 180,000 profile photos are collected from the HMG employees  Individual profile photo and vision can be popped-up by a smart phone app Interactive video where an individual photo is activated by a smart phone Interactive video where an individual photo is activated by a smart phone
2.Mobius Loop
This quiet, yet powerful work of video art contains various artistic and metaphorical images that capture the Hyundai Motor Group’s vision, business philosophy, and core values as part of the natural resource cycling system extending from iron ore extraction to the production of automobiles. Viewers are naturally invited to stop and reflect upon the meanings of the images and their relation to the Group. The Mobius loop, which symbolizes the infinite cycle of resource circulation, serves to connect all the innovative, creative activities and events of the Group into an organic whole.
Mobius Loop
3. Hyundai Motor Group Documentary
This documentary shows the history of growth and innovation behind the Hyundai Motor Group. It features the history and vision of the Group and its successful transition over the last decade from being an automaker to a Group devoted to more nature-friendly, efficient cycle of resource usage.

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