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A center of world-class mechanics with undoubted expertise and dedication to service

The Nambu Training Center works tirelessly to develop mechanics, whether on the payrolls of Hyundai-Kia or of its contractors, into topnotch mechanics with the world’s best skills in automobile diagnostics, repair, and painting. The systematic curriculum encompassing diagnostic and repair techniques, maintenance, and automobile painting greatly enhances participants’ practical skills and working knowledge. The Center’s e-Learning curriculum also quickly distributes the latest updates on automobile technology and maintenance information worldwide. The Center also trains mechanics to compete in the automobile category at the International Vocational Training Competitions, thereby advertising and promoting the advanced technology of Hyundai-Kia and its employees around the globe. The Nambu Training Center will continue to abide by its commitment to producing the world’s best automobile technicians and mechanics.

Location: 70-1 Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Features: Lecture rooms, Automobile Practice Lab, Competition Training Center Buliding C: Daebang-dong Office, Hyundai Motor Company Building B: Body Repair Lab (4F), Painting lab(5F) Building A: Training Center(5F) Location

Lecture Rooms

The Nambu Training Center, located within the Nambu Service Center at Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, offers a Grand Auditorium seating 70 people, two medium lecture rooms seating 50 people each, and two small lecture rooms seating 25 people each. Each of these rooms comes equipped with a beam projector, microphones, and other latest-technology audiovisual systems.

Automobile Practice Lab

The Nambu Training Center offers labs in which trainees can practice their driving, painting, diagnostics and repair skills, allowing them to become topnotch mechanics capable of applying their theoretical and practical knowledge to the field.

Automotive Body Painting Lab, which trainees can practice their mechanical skills, is located at the fourth and fifth floor, building B of the Nambu Training Center.

Worldskills Training Lab

Hyundai Motor Company has participated in the worldskills, a skills competition to demonstrate their excellence in skilled professions. To offer an opportunity to develop practical skills in painting, diagnostics and repairing, we set up special rooms and provide various programs.


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