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Group Vision: Together for a better future
HMGU Mission: Develop Talent and Cultivate Organizational Culture to boost business performance for added future value

Four Roles of Hyundai Motor Group University

By defining "HRD fundamentals" as the basis of HMG's sustainable growth, we establish talent development systems, provide solutions, and drive building a corporate culture.
We develop core competencies required by different jobs and positions to support employee success.
We provide solutions to internalize corporate culture and lead transformation.
Drive development of "high-performing talents" who lead HMG's business performance and future growth.
We develop selected high-performing talents through the best programs in order to realize our management philosophy and achieve business goals.
Provide "focused HRD solutions" to solve business challenges.
We identify performance issues in business value chain and provide tailored solutions through a division level approach to facilitate team members' behavior change and performance.
Align HMG HRD functions and support them to achieve the "highest quality HRD".
We align all HRD functions (affiliates/overseas corporations) for effective and efficient collaboration.
We provide HRD standards and guide for mutual growth of all HRD functions.

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